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    Victory Prison Recruitment Thread


    Victory Prison is an upcoming fully custom OP prison server and we are looking for all kinds of staff members to join our team. We want our server to not only be a fun enjoyable server to play on but also have a great community who all gets along!
    - Fully custom prison server with:
    - Custom enchantments
    - Custom Mines
    - Be a unique server
    - Become a fun place with a large friendly player base!!


    Staff Positions that we are looking for:


    Positions available: 2
    - Help new and old players out with anything they need assistance with.
    - To help bridge the gap between the player base and the rest of the staff. (Get the respected staff member involved with the problem that they have)


    Positions available: 2
    - To moderate the chat (stop spamming, advertising, etc)
    - To make sure players are not cheating/breaking rules
    - Assist other staff members with jobs that they need help with


    Positions available: To be decided
    - Have adept building skills
    - Be prepared to work alongside other builders


    Positions available: 2
    - Make sure server is running fine
    - Help any players that have been victim to major bugs
    - Work alongside Owner and Dev with important decision making and acting on them
    Positions available: 1
    - Make sure server is running fine
    - Manage Staff
    - Work alongside Owner with important decision making and acting on them



    Positions available: 1
    - To work on adding, integrating and configuring plugins.
    - Make sure the server is running properly without any console errors (be able to diagnose said errors if they occur)
    - Work alongside our Java Developer and help him with serverside tasks


    If you are interested in any of the positions please contact me on discord HotelWifi#1056
    Thank you!
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