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     These mods, even in the quantity they have. it shouldn't be much of a problem. If you can tell me these things I can see if i can help you out, because I know that these lag spikes are very annoying.

    1. What processor do you have? Brand, Model and Clock Speed

    2. What Graphics unit do you have? Brand and Model

    3. How much RAM do you have dedicated to that installation

    4. Is it a LAN or Hosted Server.

    5. Do you have Ethernet (Wired Internet) or Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)


    If you can tell me these things i can probably figure it out. Also if you ever get a crash report send it to me.




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    posted a message on Are there any In game video player mods

    A mod without any blocks and items but only features would be okay, but a mod with a projector and screen would be great, and maybe the movie theatre addons, such as popcorn machines and chairs

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    posted a message on Is there shaders mod for 1.14?

    not that i know of 1 14 hasn't been around for too long, at least not long enough for any large mods or shaders  most shaders and mods are in 1 12

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