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    GravityBlock for forge 1.15.2



    This mod adds gravity property to the vanilla blocks in Minecraft game version: 1.15.2.
    Currently, the following type of blocks are supported:
    • oak
    • spruce
    • birch
    • jungle
    • acacia
    • dark_oak
    • prismarine
    • ore
    • stone
    • brick
    GravityBlock will be triggered by destroying one block, then any adjacent blocks will be affected by gravity.
    I will add more triggering events in the future.


    Update 2020/06/03

    GravityBlock v1.1

    New Features:

    • Adds support factor to determine falling blocks
    • Configuration file is offered now for customization purpose. Currently there are 3 configurable variable for users:
    1. gravityRange 1~10
    2. Realistic Level [1,2]
    3. setGravityOn True/False
    • fixes color rendering issue on grass block



    Update 2020/06/05

    GravityBlock v1.2 

    Adds new triggering event as below:
    • TNT explosion
    • Creeper explosion

    please feel free to leave any comments, I will keep updating this project:-)


    Download Here

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