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    Thank you a lot for your answer, i was affraid that that was THE method ^^ my computer is quite slow to load my modpack so its more tedious then it should be, i will try to start with minechem and add the mods one by one then.


    Is there some good simple tutorial on how to read the crash reports? i did not try to open them with notepad++ does it splits the parts of the report or some other tools does?


    Have a nice day

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    Little UP


    To try and workaround the unknown issue i tryed taking Galactic Science modpack and add the mods from my modpack that where missing, it does the same error, i cannot load any save and same when i create a new game, it just brings me back to the start menu without anyything happening.


    What method should i follow to find what mods are in conflict with Minechem? yet i am sure that he causes half of the issue, depending on what is the other mod that makes him bug i might just remove it if its not one of the main mods of my modpack, as minechem..


    Thank you for reading and any kind of help :)

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    I got an issue with SkySaph, when i try to start it i get this error report (sorry its in french, if needed i can translate)


    Thanx for any help :)


    P.S. weirdly fixed himself, how can a thread be closed here?


    Impossible d'enregistrer le téléchargement. jopt-simple-4.6.jar
    Nom : jopt-simple-4.6.jar
    Lien : https://libraries.minecraft.net/net/sf/jopt-simple/jopt-simple/4.6/jopt-simple-4.6.jar
    Détails de l'erreur : Attempting to move successful download to C:\Games\Minecraft Root\Twitch Curse\Curse\Install\libraries\net\sf\jopt-simple\jopt-simple\4.6\jopt-simple-4.6.jar
    Impossible de cr�er un fichier d�j� existant.

    Nom du fichier sur le disque : c8a2-b466-ab99-a452
    Chemin d'accès : C:\Users\Ethernel\AppData\Local\Temp\c8a2-b466-ab99-a452
    Existe : file


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    Hello everyone,


    I am currently creating a modpack, the modpack creation function of twitch/curse is amazing and so far works perfectly,


    but adding minechem create me a complete unstability, i cannot really read logs but seem to me that there is a dimension issue and that i know minechem does not own one...


    there is the log, is someone can easily find the real issue that i might find a way to fix it would be amazing :)



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