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    posted a message on Looking for staff paying mabey with buycraft or irl money
    Hi my name is jack and i am Looking for staff to work on an op factions sever (the server is being made not live yet)
    We are Looking for Staff!
    Builders (Really needed) 
    Head Admin 1 left (someone who Can take Leadership)
    Admins -5 left 
    Head Mod - 1 left
    Mod - 4 left
    Sr-Mod - 4 left
    Helpers - 6 left 
    Youtubes pm about this 
    It would be nice if you guys would be able to get on at least 2 hour or 3. But school coming up. So just try to get on and and work on it.
    ~Real Name (First name) 
    ~What would you like to help with/what would you like to be 
    ~(Builders) any screenshots of builds
    ~ Anythings else here :D Good luck!
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