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    So in my minecraft server I have an automatic smelter connected to an automatic bamboo farm to fuel the furnaces , that works fine but my problem lies in the input chest for the furnaces (things that need to be smelted) I have the same setup as the bamboo farm , minecart with hoppers and railway tracks.

    I cant have the input chest just automatic as when I let it go automatically , it only takes about 3 items from the chest which only fills up 3 of the furnaces. Can I make it so when there is something in the chest , it detects that and makes the minecart wait 2-3 seconds then it goes to fill up the furnaces. And have that on loop until the minecart is empty and then it stops under the chest again ready for more items.

    My current setup is a lever to switch it on or off, I have redstone torch underneath the powered rail which is turned off using the lever. When you flick the lever the minecart goes and fills up the furnaces and if you want it to stop you flick the switch again.

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