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    So a friend and I have been working on this tool to make recruiting members and managing gamer groups easier called Guilded, and I'm looking for feedback.


    It's a general-purpose multiplayer game community hub of sorts, but I really want to start building new features that cater to certain games more specifically. Minecraft is a unique case, because its community is so free-form and expressive, that it's difficult to pigeon-hole what types of tools players need to make something like this useful to them.


    I was hoping to get some feedback -- either general user experience stuff or Minecraft-specific implementation -- to make it better. We're still working out the kinks and trying to make it as useful as possible, so please be critical.


    You can create a team and start recruiting here.

    We also made this discord bot that pushes the site notifications to your server.


    Anyway, thanks! I look forward to hearing what you guys think!

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