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    1st. go to this webpage "https://files.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/".

    Downlad the Forge version for your minecraft version. Place the jar file on yout Desktop, doubble click it and let forge do his install work.

    you should see a pop up that forge has finsihed  and downloaded several libs, blah, blah. Klick okay and the Forge Modloader is done.

    Now open the Minecraft Launcher...at the top you see several Tabs; Play /Installation/Skins/Patch Notes... klick on "Installation".

    This is one way to do it:

    1) Klick: New Installation. 2) Name your Intallation like ( 1.16.5_36.1.32) for example. so you know which MC Version/Forge Version.

    3:) In the next Field the "Version" Dropdown Menue choose the version you just installed, there should be an Entrance called: "release 1.16.5-forge-36.1.32" choose this.

    4) Game Directory: If you use the "default directory" klick on Browse and pay close attention to the default Minecraft directory... you see it?

    -yourusername\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft- click"cancel"

    5) leave the rest unintended (only needs to be modified if case you place your mc game dir to a different location). Hit "create".

    6) The launcher jumps back to the play Tab and you see your newly crated mc imstance.

    If everything went okay klick play and MC should start! In the lower left corner there should be written whiich Forger version/modloader. Dont create a world do nothing, simply close Minecraft.

    7) You remember the path??? C:\user\username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\! You need to enable "hidden elements/files/folder" in your Explorer window. There are easy tuts all over the net.

    Inside the minecraft folder you should see a Folder called "mods". This is the place where you copy your downloaded mods.

    To remember: This is the base on how to install Forge Modloader, it doen´t fit to facric modloader procedure.

    I hope there is some essential help for you.

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    I´ve seen this tendency since 1.12.x, my 1.12.2 installation consist of 245 mods and runs smooth and stable after heavy profiling :-) and guess what...less then 50 Core/Lib/Api´s  in separated mods, which makes maintenance/updates much  easier. Considering the jump from 1.12.x  to 1.7 i understand that ton´s of new approaches on how to present your mod are available, but: the more you know about modding, the less overload you deliver.

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    Fun-fact: I´m a Gamer. i just want to play Minecraft java edition...

    That being said, i decided to have around 60 mods,


    I start to load my first mod from this website and i´m happy to successfully loaded the mod into my modfolder.

    Starting Minecraft Oh.. wait what... you need a lib mod for this mod to work, it says.

    Okay back to curse, yes there it says "dependencies" xxx.lib.java. Downloading it, copy to mod folder... here we go.

    Fine first mod ( rather 2 mods) loaded.

    Next mod... this time i´m smarter. check dependencies ;-)... yes there it is. wait what I need 2  mod?

    Please load library and api mod in order to work...???

    Okay downloaded library mod; next link: api-mod... downloading the "release api-mod", quick copy done...

    Loading Minecraft... it says: "your lib mod is wrong you the alpha release of this helper mod".... unghhh :(-....

    Needless to say this procedure went on and on.

    After i loaded 60 mods into my mod folder i count 125 Mods.

    I must be the luckiest Minecraft player, cause i hit the jackpot, (in selecting my modlist) in useless overburden my pc with lib and api /core mods and language interpreter and whatever...!

    This what a minecraft player has to face in our days. I clearly see the need of an api and a lib mod.I´d rather have them integrated into my main-mod.

    And yes there are Api´s which are widely used.

    But what i have to to do with this? I have to hassle a round after modders and collect the so precious additional mods?

    Many mod author who publish one single mod feeling entitled for whatever strange reason to externally publishing and api/lib/core mod.

    I see only self-centered and derailed reasons for that... in hope "One Day there api´s will be commonly used,yeah!" facepalm.

    The mod-authors are here for the players not vice versa!


    sorry for spelling mistakes


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    Could be that "the sieve" is from a hardcore mod?! and or not supposed to be triggered by machines?!

    I remember that i watch a play through and there was an "auto-siever block" with a little guy in the block doing the automation.

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    Download the "OptiFine_1.12.2_HD_U_C8_pre" version! This should fix it.

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    Have you tried to raise the Xmx value, not the Xms, cause on a single player world thats the switch for higher RAM?

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    Looks like "theoneprobe" or could be "WAILA", or dunno i forgot the weird name of the last mod...

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    "NoClassDefFoundError: " means usually that a mod is missing the dependency's like a core mod or lib.mod but i´m not willing to look through this.

    Kinda hard to read, so check the dependencys.

    A better idea would be to paste it into "Pastebin.com" for reading

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    Immersive Engineering

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    yep the same here, seems something is broken :-(

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    It looks to me that a dependency mod is missing in your modpack, but it´s difficult to say without the complete crash log.

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    Well, you want to make money from your resourcepack? and then you ask for priceless help?

    Not to be rude, but you should figure it out for yourself if it´s for commercial reasons.

    BTW, That´ s my personal opinion: This is the best way to ruin Minecraft... think! If Oracle would charge you for using java? Forge would cost Money to download. This greedy behavior is a part of Microsoft business concept and it looks like a lot of people will fall for it. My2cent :-(


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    I always wondered if i switch to 1.10.2 mod and want to see the update i get constantly the 11.x update?

    I may understand this behavior if a mod author is updating both mods for 1.10.2 and 11.2.

    To me it seems that the Filter function is not working?

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