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    We are a small whitelisted survival server. There is no griefing stealing ore cheating. All are monitered as well so need to worry about anything happening. The server is a close community that works together in the same style hermitcraft does. We are also looking for staff so feel free to apply!

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    posted a message on VillieCraft a small community server NEED STAFF ALL POSITIONS

    VillieCraft is a small community vanilla survival server with a growing population. We have quite a few open spots and would love for you to join our team

    Roles available are:


    Player recruiters

    People who have experience building websites

    Discord developer


    We do have a whitelist on our server and you can apply to join the server right on our discord and as long as you have a well thought out application you will be accepted and once you are you may fill out your staff application.

    We look forward to meeting you :)


    Discord: discord.gg/sxWk5jK

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