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    posted a message on Crafttweaker 1.18: changing weapon/armor properties

    I'm currently balancing some overpowered weapons and armors in a modpack I'm making, but can't quite figure out how to go about this. I understand how to get the item data with /ct hand attributes, and the documentation says to use this method:

    // IItemStack.withAttributeModifier(attribute as Attribute, name as string, value as double, operation as AttributeOperation, slotTypes as EquipmentSlot[], preserveDefaults as boolean) as IItemStack
    myIItemStack.withAttributeModifier(<attribute:minecraft:generic.attack_damage>, "Extra Power", 10, AttributeOperation.ADDITION, [<constant:minecraft:equipmentslot:chest>], true);

     But I can't get it to work. It throws the following error:

    [10:28:01.738][ERROR]: dogchanges.zs:125:0: dogchanges.zs:125:0: No compatible methods found!

     Any ideas?

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