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    The title says vanilla survival multiplayer it is very specific as to what the server is. So no staff is not something that need for a smp.

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    We are a small group of friends who have played Minecraft together over the past few years. We are looking for a few more people to join our brand new multiplayer server starting this Saturday, April 25. Some of the community aspects of our past servers include a spawn town, community builds (town hall, nether hub, etc.), shops, community farms, games, and more.

    Some builds from past worlds: https://imgur.com/a/sAkyy1F


    Server Location: United States

    Version: 20w17a Vanilla

    Start date: Saturday, April 25, 2020

    Server Host: CubedHost 4GB

    Datapacks: afk display, anti enderman, armour statues, double shulker shells, durability ping, more mob heads, multiplayer sleep, player head drops, silence mobs (nametag called silence)


    - No griefing and/or stealing

    - No mods/cheating (mini maps and optifine are ok)

    - PVP only if the other person agrees

    - Must use discord


    Please copy the questions below and reply to this thread or message us directly with your application. You will be invited to the discord if accepted.

    Name (that you want to go by):

    Minecraft IGN:

    Age (18+ only):

    Discord username (Ex. UserName#0000) I will add you on discord if you are accepted :

    Tell us about yourself:

    What's your favorite thing to do on a Minecraft server/world (Ex. Building/Redstone):

    Please insert screenshots of your best build/s

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