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    posted a message on No matter what I do, Invalid file extension, expected jar, litemod.

    I've tried several times over to make a 1.14.4 minecraft modpack through the twitch app and fro some reason it the file keeps getting rejected for; Invalid file extension, expected jar, litemod.


    I also tried looking for other threads on this and followed what someone had said about using winrawr to put all the mods in a separate folder and exporting it that way. Once I saw the KB amount on the file went from 91 to almost 33,000 I figured it would work but still same issue :(


    Does anyone know a solid fix? 

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    posted a message on Random Lag Spikes

    I have a total of 8 GB of RAM on my PC and even with a small portion of mods I get game crippling lag spikes every ten seconds. It's certaintly not chunk genning with me even attempting to play on pre-made maps and from what I know it shouldn't be my computer, I do have a good enough mid tower. Any help from anyone out there?

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