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    I am currently using the new Client because they shut down the twitch client. I am making a personal modpack and when I click the "add more content" and "Install" a new mod it gives me the newest version of that mod even if it's the wrong Minecraft version. So most of my mods would be 1.12.2 and the add on mods I wanna add would be 1.16. Even when I go to the version and install the current version of that mod through the client it doesn't actually install. it will say "installed" but when I go back to the modpack it won't install. Can someone please explain to me how to fix this? or can someone explain to me how I report this problem to CurseForge so they can fix this problem?

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    I recently created a new Modpack, however, since the old launcher (twitch) no longer does modpacks. I can't find the export feature on the new curse forge launcher. I am wondering if anyone knows how to? also if anyone knows where the import tab is too on the new curseforge client?

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