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    Don't know if this is the right category since there was no minecraft or java program section only mods/modpacks

    Jredfox Mod Loader(JML) Hiring:

    • Network(Port forward, Dynamic DNS, Static Ip)
    • Audio(DTS 7.1 & Adobe & Effects like environmental)
    • GPU(Opengl 4.6, Modeling, Animation)
    • Generic Java Coders 1yr OOP College Level Or enough knowledge of a 1 year college level OOP program design (notice the word design)
    • Beta Tester Primary(Knows at least some coding and can test code, In game/program testing as well)
    • Beta Tester 2dary(Test in game/program as well as normal usage)

    Further details found in my discord:


    Who am I?:
    I am the creator of evil notch lib, IItemrenderer reborn, and many other libraries. I am fed up with forge lack of proper program design broken apis and not being anything near lightweight. Mod loader never had enough implementation to get re-designed. Fabric also lacks enough implementation regardless of the fan base. Besides I like my ideas far more even the head dev of fabric joined my server one day to check what's up with my plans.

    I am going to be designing all my libraries I use from the ground up thus the need for open gl and audio guys. We need a primary beta tester that is capable of coding 1 year OOP Program design college level or equivalent of learning that course. This tester needs to test the program or code both in game and in dev when asked to see if he/she can break said code.

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