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    Server Name: Waychest

    Server Location: United States West Coast

    Website: https://waychest.com/

    Wiki: https://waychest.com/info

    Version: 1.20.4 (Java; Vanilla client)
    Gameplay Types: Semi-Vanilla Survival Multiplayer/PvE

    Whitelist: Enabled (applications open on the website)


    What would it be like if every Minecraft world was a part of one big world... where other people are out there, on their own journey, and our paths might cross?

    Waychest is a custom-built realization of the hypothetical world I have always fantasized about. Thematically, it is a hybrid of a private Realm and a public multiplayer server: a world where you (and friends) start your Journey on what appears to be your own server. But as you explore, you will discover that you are not alone: custom items and blocks will guide you across the world to the people who came before you.

    Feature Highlights: (Every non-vanilla mechanic was designed and built specifically for this server)

      • "Journey" System: The core mechanic that puts you and anyone else you choose into your own "server". You can even create multiple Journeys, each with its own random spawn point, progress through the game, and group of friends.
      • Waychests: Special blocks that act as beacons, reaching across the world to guide Journeys to find each other, and rewarding everyone who does so.
      • "Waychest Flight" Minigame: Play an in-world ring challenge with a borrowed elytra to find other Journeys without the walking.
      • Discovery-based Warps: Fast travel between certain blocks - but you have to find a warp point to unlock it first.
      • Integrated Region Protection: Waychests that you place also create an expandable area of block and container protection.
      • "Radiance": Skip the night without skipping the night. Since the world is shared, sleeping instead gives a "Radiance" effect that prevents nearby surface mob spawns for the rest of the night.
      • Region Maps: Loot maps that generate pre-explored with the surrounding region. Build a map wall without the tedium!
      • No Monetization: There are no premium perks, donator tiers, or money accepted in any form.


    Interested in starting your own Journey? Learn more about how the server works and join the whitelist at https://waychest.com/!

    Hope to see you soon!
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