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    posted a message on rejected modpack update due to mods from folder not beeing exported correctly to the modlist.html

    hey guys and girl!


    so i have a minor problem with the export function in the cursetwitch client which doesnt add several mods to the modlist.html and my update file gets rejected because i have some mods still in .jar format in the .zip file itself


    clicking on a mod in that modlist.html gets me a "modul deactivated" error webpage..

    im out of luck pls send help


    heres a SS of said error (left is modlist.html just for reference and to the right are the mods that didnt get exported correctly


                      --->      export error


    -edit (the modlist doesnt have the mods to the left (in the screenshot) in it

    -edit2 got it working by adding the "failed to add mods" to the modpack via the launcher - "get more content button"



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