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    Online 24/7 Krafthagen.join-game.net


    We are a friendly community looking for new players. As the server expands we will need more staff members to help manage the server!


    Krafthagen Features

    *** For a limited time only we are giving everyone who joins a free starter kit. Get yours today! ***


    Collect Coins
    - Physical coins drop when you kill mobs or mine ore
    - Automatically get added to in-game balance

    Protect Builds
    - Join with 100 free blocks to claim
    - Purchase more with the coins you collect
    - Give your friends permission to build there too

    Interactive Spawn
    - NPC shops have unlimited stock at a reasonable price
    - Sell your items to the Merchants for extra cash
    - Traveling Traders sometimes offer exclusive items

    Special Events
    - Staff will occasionally offer events such as coin drops


    Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MAcSwgP

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