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    Hey everybody,

    this is my first shot on creating a Modpack and i was hoping to get some feedback by you guys.

    The Modpack is called AmøbaLite and can be found here.


    AmøbaLite as a Modpack is a thing that developed during the last ten or so years. Every year a few friends and i would create a new Minecraft server to play with and iteratively upgrade the Minecraft Version and Mods that we play with. Of course over the years we developed a nack for certain Mods, that we like to play again and again. However so far this has always been a completely manual Modpack without using a launcher for support.
    Our focus usually lies on Mods that enable a lot of technical features and automation, since we prefer to build vast automated systems that mine the world autonomously, store everything neatly sorted into a system and has capabilities of auto-crafting. But to keep it worthwile we also like to explore the worlds and dungeons of Minecraft as well as build themed houses, towns and cities.

    Last year we used the ATM6-Modpack for the first time, though we applied some manual changes to it.
    This year i wanted to try a new approach by making a downloadable Modpack here in CurseForge, using ATM6 as a place to start from and then delete/add certain mods to adjust the game a little.


    I'd be happy to get some feedback of you guys, same on the composition of the mods, the playability the appearance of the modpack (same within Curse as in the game) or just any information you would like to share!

    Thanks in advance,


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