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    Hello players! 😅

    We would like to invite y'all in our Fresh Server in Minecraft PC‼️


    ☢️ Ethereal Factions ☢️


    💯 Server Description :

    ✅ 24/7 Open
    ✅ Active Admins
    ✅ Fresh Server
    ✅ Factions / PvP / Bosses
    ✅ Economy Server
    ✅ Survival
    ✅ Donation Ranks
    ✅ Adult Server
    ✅ Discord Server
    ✅ Available for MCPC & MCPE (Protocol Support)


    This is a Fresh Server so please expect some minor flaws, we are still developing our server on how to be a perfect one! ⚠

    Also we are open for your Suggestions, come and join us in Discord and tell us your feedbacks on our server! 🥳


    💎 Server Name : Ethereal Factions
    💎 Server Address (IP) : mc.etherealfactions.com
    💎 Server Website : www.etherealfactions.com

    💎 Discord Link : https://discord.gg/Wjj7vwa

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    Hello everyone.

    As the owner of our brand new network called EtherealFactions, im posting the thread with the need of new staff members to recruit to our team.
    If you are interested and think you can do this, please contact me on discord or join our servers website for more information.
    Thank you.


    Discord : YourIQIsLow#9085

    Website : http://www.etherealfactions.com

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