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    Some mods are client-side only, as they are meant to display information that doesn't require polling the server.  You wont get a crash in a single player game, because your client is both client and server.  But since the server doesn't have to display a UI, these kinds of mods can make a server puke.  I would comb through the mods you have (starting with anything you might suspect to be the cause), and check the mod author's page for any notes on server compatibility.  Most are necessary, some aren't necessary but will have no harmful effect, while others can simply crash it if present.

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    Are you by chance using a texture pack with this?  I see that your settings string is set to 4GB of memory, but I've found that while running a bunch of mods, and a 64-128x texture pack for all of the mod blocks, I will get a memory error if I dont bump that string up to 6 or 8GB of ram its allowed to allocate.

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    I may actually be able to help with this.  I'll need to talk to my co-author, as he does all of the programming, but this is exactly what our mod does.  It generates structures, but divides up block placement into something like 100 blocks placed per tick.  Since the code is already in place to break up the block placement, I imagine a special version could be released where it could be slowed down further (to maybe, 1 block per tick).  If you have an existing structure you want to see built, we'll need a copy of the world file to make a snapshot, but this should be possible.


    I should note though that the user can only create predetermined structures within the mod.  Which is why we would need the world file if you have an existing structure you want to have built.



    Prefab Spotlight

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    I'll start by saying that I'm 36, an introvert, a father, a husband, and co-dev of Prefab.  I've had some thoughts stewing for a while, and I just need somewhere to get them out, and this seems like a good enough place to put them where they may be seen and considered.  Obligatory forewarning, anything I say is purely opinion, I know there's exceptions to anything, but I'm not looking to please everyone.  This is more for me, than you the reader, but I guess I just don't want to feel so alone in this.


    I'm beginning to tire of review sites, and I'm seriously considering ignoring them from this day forward.  Mind you, this isn't because someone didn't like something I had a hand in, my skin is thick enough to handle criticism (plus my mod really isn't on the radar, so being reviewed isn't a concern :) ).  That being said, I think it goes back to the whole The Zoe Post thing that happened about 5 years ago now.  Since then, journalistic integrity at various review sites has been suspect.  In my mind anyways.  I'm also completely unsure of exactly what makes a critic worth a damn, other than the ability to convey an opinion in an entertaining matter.  But even then, is entertainment necessarily what you really want from a review?  Admittedly, I watch Zero Punctuation reviews on The Escapist because that guy can always make me laugh.  He's exceptionally picky, and I've always taken it in the context of "Oh, hes just ranting creatively/humorously" rather than as a serious review.  It seems the flavor of the day is to constantly try to say something more horrible than the last person.  Great.


    Which brings me to my next point.  My son was watching me playing some Overwatch last week, and I happened to be on a winning team for that quick play.  He was excitedly cheering me on, and commenting as I zipped around as D.VA.  The next match, I ended up in a totally different team, and despite playing the same as I had the previous match, my efforts did not gel with the folks I had been lumped together with this time.  Since his commenting was already warmed up, and he was talking, his tone changed sharply, and cheers turned to mocking in an instant.  Again, I've got some thick skin, so I can shake off criticism from circumstance, or making a mistake.  But he never really switched gears back out of the mocking once he found his groove with it, regardless of any successful moments.  I guess in his mind, the bar had been raised, and anything that happened under it was worthy of spirited jeers, as opposed to letting it slide.  For the record, I ended up telling him to piss off, cuz I was tired of being heckled the entire time I was playing (whether doing well or poor).


    Sure, some kids are just jerks, but when did mine get that way?  He was fine over the summer... except now hes back in school... and is big into online gaming.  I should have known this would happen.  Bullies.  Trolls.  Their own counter-culture, it's seemingly outlandishly popular to go out of your way to piss someone off, or put them down so you feel better about yourself (or at least alleviate some of your own boredom).  I find myself asking the same question regarding the Selfie Stick; Why is this a thing?  I'm sure at times this could be circumstantially useful, but seriously, why is it a thing?


    Best I can figure is consumer culture.  If there's one thing that minecraft survival mode has reminded me of, its that all we really need are tools, food and shelter.  And keeping that in mind, Wow, is there a lot of useless crap out there.  But we know all about it thanks to advertising.  Its everywhere, always fighting to get your attention, trying to worm its way into your brain.  Here's what success looks like, don't you want that?  Your life would be so much easier if you had this.  But does any of that stuff make ya happy?  If I were trying to sell you something, this would be about the point that I would be trying to push you into the back of the windowless van, but I'm not, so I won't.


    Anyways, this constant bombardment of attention seeking stimulus in our lives has definitely made attempts to get our attention far more desperate, and in turn, I think its made it more acceptable for something to exaggerate, boast, belittle and lure in attempts to shock you into giving something your attention.  Any one of those tactics is unflattering by itself, but it's just another day of living in our society.  It's rubbing off on us as a culture, and it's pretty ugly.


    Swinging back to reviewers, I've been playing Tyranny lately (made by the same folks that did Pillars of Eternity) and I've been loving it so far.  But I wanted to see (for whatever reason) what others had thought about their experience of the game.  What I found were unmarked spoilers, needlessly exaggerated criticism, constant comparison to something else, and what appeared to be a professional reviewer that doesn't particularly like their job.  I guess what I would have liked to see was a bit more effort put into play and review of the game, vague yet informative testimony of the experience, and comparisons that keep in mind that its its own standalone game as opposed to a sequel.  Personally, I prefer a review that approaches something from a perspective that can relate to someone who is just seeing it for the first time.  Doesn't seem like too much to ask for; An objective review of pros and cons, as opposed to a catchy zinger title that leads into a drone about anything other than the subject material being reviewed.


    Maybe I am getting old.  I'll go back to working on my mod, and telling the kids to stay off my lawn.  I dunno about you, but I really only feel at peace when I'm creating something.

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