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    Hello there


    My name is Kevin Andrews and I'm looking for a build team that does not leave you on the endless waiting lists. I mean, a dedicated, professional, cheap and full-time service that is willing to make my dreams come true.


    Not only will you have to build custom structures in my upcoming Minecraft: PE Server, but try to match building styles based on images. This is an essential requirement despite the fact that most of the work will have a medieval and modern style.


    The building team must be efficient (productive) and make the most of their time. Payments are sent via PayPal the 1st of each month. We are talking about buildings as professional as what can be found in Lifeboat. I do not want pre-made buildings.


    It is important to note that the details are a key point throughout your job progress, here I comment a very common error of the builders: although I said that you have to be productive and at the same time very detailed, this does not mean placing random blocks that do not match the given building style or fill a land with WorldEditArt since time is running out.


    Be professional and give everything you can. Be creative and NEVER give up.


    If you feel that you meet the requirements and are willing to dedicate 100% of your free time to work on my Minecraft: PE Server, please send me a message to me@kenygamer.com and be sure to attach your portfolio or link to it.

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