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    So I've been playing minecraft for about 7 years now, and I've seen plenty of minecraft zombie apocalypse shooters and fast-paced shooter games. But never have I seen a proper military MMO mod, which I think would be pretty cool. So I've decided to change that. Here are some features I intend to add as I gain help (I need a lot of that, but I'll discuss that later)


    Many, many factions: I intend on starting with the bigger militias (The U.S.A, Russia, etc) and working downwards all the way down to the smallest, even if it just ends of being NPCs, It is my goal to have all of them in this mod EVENTUALLY. 


    Weapons: Obviously these military factions each have unique weapons correlating to them, and so I plan to add in the appropriate weapons that correlate to each faction.


    Vehicles: I hope to add some vehicles, not a lot because they can cause a lot of lag on servers and singleplayer alike, but I do want to add some of the major ones to help movement across the continents be a bit quicker


    NPCs: So it is apparent to me that I probably will never get enough players to occupy all of the factions, so if we ever get a server up and running there will most likely be limited player slots on each faction, and the rest of the faction will be run by npcs, but as you gain rate/rank you will be able to start controlling these npcs, so that they will aid you in battle.


    Custom Military Bases: So that you can put up your feet at night without getting beaten up by zombies..


    So, that is the general idea for this mod, I'd love all the help I can get, specifically right now I need:


    1-2 Experienced coders 

    1 more 3d Modeler/Texture Artist (I'd prefer it if you know how to do both)

    2 Build team members AT LEAST


    If you'd like to apply for this mod, you can join this discord and talk to me personally: https://discord.gg/WuXcEds


    Let's make the best Military Mod out there!

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