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    Quote from Tastyytacos >>

    I've set up an account for curseforge sudoku incometaxindiaefiling Onlinesbi but I cant find a launcher download anywhere! Where is it?

     I got a modpack approved the other day but its not showing up on the twitch launcher

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    Actually i put together a big modpack to play it with friends. So far iam at 294 mods and it works fairly good on my cheap rented server.

    I checked every sudoku incometaxindiaefiling Onlinesbi site for good mods and probably tried hundreds of them ^^


    What are the 10 mods you love and dont wanna miss in your world?


    I want to get at least a round number with 300mods ^^ Clearly i could just add some random mods but every mod is picked and tested by me and got its greenlight from me to be in the pack.


    I play version 1.12.2 and use the modded Soartex texture pack.

    Mods with texture pack support are appreciated. And honestly i dont really like all the complicated crafting mods so i tried to keep it mostly like the vanilla minecraft with a lot of more content in every aspect of the base game.



     . I am a huge fan of Simple Storage Network as sort of a toned down ME interface.

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