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    So my friend (BismuthLD) who I met on his server for a modpack called Colourful Magic eventually ended up not being able to continue the modpack or server.

    So after about a year, he asked if anyone had time to manage CM in a group chat, to which me and my friend Bolt said we could.

    so he gave us the modpack files to continue the modpacks development.

    Then after we fixed all the bugs from the previous version we launched a server and posted the modpack on both Technic and Curseforge.

    We got the Technic version working.. but the curse version was denied because a moderator who shall not be named said he didn't think I have the rights to my Bismuth's unlicenced and discontinued modpack, and denied it. This moderator also has not replied to any of my questions.

    The best I have of bismuth syaingthat i could continue it was his "I don't really care if you continue CM" and I can't talk to him about as he is on vacation.

    So what I want to know is how many moderators agree with their co-workers position on this and how many users think that this is fair.

    I really just wanted to have my favorite modpack back but the moderator is the reason I can't. (Plus I doubt they even googled any thing about the original CM)

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