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    posted a message on 1.18.2 mods that are/add a form of "corruption"

    simple as the title, think things like the taint from any version of the thaumcraft mods, or run and scape: Parasites, be it something that spreads, or LOOKS like a form of corruption, I've found a couple with the terms IN the titles, IE: Corrupted Land, The Nexus Infection.
    and ONE that doesn't: Immortuos Calyx.

    But I was wondering if any of yall knew about any mods that added a form of "infection/corruption" looking blocks, mobs, etc.

    for examples, I know Biomancy exists that has a fleshy set of bio like blocks that are flesh, or digestive style blocks, but thats for 1.16.x I believe, so it's not for 1.18.2.

    If anyone knows of any mods that either do things like those mods or similar for 1.18.2, or even just HAVE BLOCKS that look like they are corrupted/infected, that would be great.

    I like building organic areas that have that sort of "it's probably not a good idea to be even near here" type of look, infected lands, a corruption that spreads, and adding large "organic" or Monstrosity like builds around them, and sometimes its hard to find such mods simply because well.
    everyone has their own names for things.

    sadly for me, no one just, besides literally a few, names things "corrupted blocks, infected walls" type stuff. XD!
    if not, that's fine, if so, please and thank yah! 

    Have a good day / night yall ! ! !

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