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    So earlier today i was playing the Hexxit (updated) mod on my world from curseforge. and my computer randomly froze and i couldnt do anything so i shut it off. turned it back on and tried to get back into the world and it gave me the error that said


    "Minecraft ran into a problem and crashed. The following mod(s) have been identified as potential causes: Chocolate Quest Repoured, Forge Mod Loader, Minecraft Forge, Fast Workbench." 


    So im unable to get into the world

    I also have the "Essential" multiplayer mod added but there was never an issue with anything until today. It sucks because I was really having fun in this world and im not tech savvy so i dont fully know what im doing. Any help would be much appreciated! Im not sure how to attach the crash report if its needed unless i can just paste it in here but if you need it let me know!

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