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    So I am currently maintaining a modpack on CurseForge. I saw that some of the mods in the pack had updated and went to update it. I did so by using the custom profile I had used to make the modpack in the first place, deleting the old versions of the mods in the mod folder and replacing them with the new versions. Once I made sure they all worked, I used the export profile function to make a zip file and uploaded it to CurseForge.

    However, it got rejected because a folder named 'overrides' was in the zip and the mods that I had updated weren't in the manifest.json.


    To get around this I attempted to make a new custom profile and just copy pasted all the mods into the new folder. When I exported that one it still had the overrides folder and was missing the updated mods from the manifest.json. Does anyone know how to fix this or what method I should use to prevent this from happening?


    Edit: I made a copy of the version 1 of the modpack and started fresh. Made a seperate folder and instead of deleting the out of date mods I simply moved them to the folder and then replaced them. It seems what was creating the conflict was me deleting them outright.

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