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    Hello! My friends and I are starting a fresh new Minecraft server in java and are looking for some quality players to join us. We are very experienced players and are looking to build a server similar to hermitcraft. The world has not even been explored yet, so there is still plenty room for adventure!


    We don't have many rules, we are just looking for some people to have a good time with during this quarantine! 


    *no griefing!!*

    *pranks are aloud as long as they don't cross a line

    *no hacking or glitches// that just ruins the fun of vanilla!

    * have fun


    We don't have many rules, so a lot of stuff is okay!


    If this is something you want to be a part of answer these few questions in the reply section!!


    1: Minecraft username


    2: Discord username


    3: Why you want to play with us?


    4: How long have you been playing?


    And just for fun, what is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?

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