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    Hi there I am Lux

    A bit about me to start with and then we can get onto the server.

    I am a Cis-Female from the UK. I am 18 years of age and I attend college for IT.

    I am someone who enjoys gaming and working on projects in my free time and this is my new venture.

    Server Idea

    I have come up with an idea for a server that I think is quite different from others and will take off as a server as I enjoy medieval roleplay, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic environments.

    I have a story and start-up for the server in mind but I am looking for someone who can mutually help me out with the admin side of things when it comes to the server itself. Setting up plugins, coding if needed and doing BOH stuff for the server to run.

    I am experienced in roleplay, story writing, DMing, Discord server making, and hosting a server but I can use all the help I can get.

    I am looking for builders, admin, co-owners, writers, and more!

    If you're interested in my server idea hmu on Discord.

    If you're interested in discussing some sort of cooperation and bonding over making an MC server hit me up on Discord.

    Disc: Luxwidow

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