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    posted a message on How do I upgrade a mod thats on here from the jar file I have the means to do it I just dont know how.

    because of code changes between 1.16.5,1.17.1 and 1.18.x it almost requires a complete rewrite of the code (many classes, method and other code within forge has changed or has been depreciated, in addition to the way things are referenced. (starting with 1.18 items are using the minecraft tags). I have an understanding of Java, C++ and C# so have been trying to port myself for personal use but it is extremely complicated and time consuming to do.  Some code can be used from the Fabric version but much of it needs to be completely rewritten where Fabric APIs and depreciated classes and methods were used.

     I managed to update the main mod package but there were well over 500 errors in the code in addition to 700 warnings for depreciated classes and commands.  still have 400 errors to work through, some of which will require a complete rewrite of the code in the classes (net.minecraft.common.ToolType  no longer exists in 1.18.2 code, for instance, but is used to create the Cinnasite tools in the betternether reforged mod)

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