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    posted a message on Looking for peeps interested in joining a privater server and making friends!

    Classic Adventure Modpack and Server! This is a mostly private server, but we want some new blood, so I've putting out some small threads to see if anyone want to join us. We all friendly and just having fun! We do some of everything in the game. If you are looking for some friends, you can join us!


    There is plenty to do:

    - Exploring with tons of new dungeons, structures,and tons of rare find magical creatures and pets!

    - Magic, magical tech with Thaumcraft, Bewitchment, Wizardry, and more.

    - Gear and weapons, we have Megaloot and tons of randomized gear.

    - Cross-mod integration! We’ve added many mods to allow for integration with our mods!

    - Building Like building? We have many mods that add furniture, new blocks, and more!

    - Be a humble farmer? With Pams, Animania, and more to allow for a wonderful life of immersive farming!


    Paste these links into Technic Launcher to get server and pack! (Not a Curse pack ATM)

    Heavy Version - http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/classic-adventures

    Lite Version- http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/cerios

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