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    posted a message on Over 100 days of no issues and today my single player world acts up. Enigmatica 2: Expert.

    It allows me to get all the way to the menu however when I hit single player and load up my world it ctds? I started a new world no issues. It only CTDs when starting my main world. any suggestions? I'm a bit freaked out since I have over 200 hundred hours at this point...thanks


    Main error code is: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded.


    I have 32 gbs total and use curseforge as my launcher. Recently changed load limit to 16 gbs about a week before this happened. I have tried changing limit to 12, 8 and back to 16 and even repaired installation. Nothing works. Curseforge doesn't let you go above 16gbs.


    Pastebin error code: www.pastebin.com/inyLFusG

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