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    posted a message on [$$$] Need developers to create a Minecraft PvP Client

    This is not a hacked client, this will be a minecraft factions client running on 1.8.X. The client will have a decent amount of mods and some will need to be able to communicate with the client through the server side. 

    A few UI examples would be:
    - CosmicClient (https://cosmicclient.com/)
    - LunarClient (https://www.lunarclient.com/)
    - PvPLounge Client (https://pvplounge.com/)

    This job will require you to meet / understand the following:
    - Experience (or willing to learn) using a database such as (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc.)

    - Security to make sure the client doesn't get "cracked" and the source remains confidential.
    - A understanding of the gamemode Factions (or willing to learn)
    - Good communication, someone who is going to be with us long-term.
    - Able to implement open source mods and compile them all into a single jar.

    Example Client Features / Mods

    Some of these open source but they will need to be implemented into the client.
    The client needs a very simple & clean UI, the mod setting menu has to have images for each category and be highly detailed.


    If you think you capable of completing this job feel free to add me on discord @KrizzDawg#8316

    Send me a message and make sure you include the following:
    - State that you are from forge and interested in applying for the "Client Developer Position"
    - Your age / timezone
    - What programming languages are you fluent in?
    - How long have you been working on Forge Mods / creating clients?
    - Do you have any experience with the Spigot / Bukkit API?

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