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    yes this is necro, but I am having this EXACT same problem right now


    A pack of two mods works perfectly on two of my computers, but on another one the EXACT same pack (all loading from same usb onto curseforge) gets stuck with FML early loading process running and then vanilla minecraft launches at the same time.  


    For this one computer, with this one specific pack it will do this and end up only playing vanilla.  


    I cannot figure out what is causing this at ALL.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the pack, redownloading the pack, but I can't get it to run.


    What could be causing this on only one computer, with only one modpack, all coming from the same source?


    Thank you!!!

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    Still no help.  Anyone?  It is STILL running extremely slowly

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    So i updated my forge library and now curseforge will NOT load anything, even the "my modpacks" screen.  On the odd chance that it does load this screen, whatever mod pack I click on will not load.  It goes to a permanent orange loading bar that never completes.


    I have tried running as administrator, reinstalling curseforge and overwolf entirely and removing the new forge update.


    Curseforge now refuses to run normally.  what can I do besides reinstalling windows?


    And whenever I think it might do something the entire program freezes (or runs at about 0.01% speed) and I have to force close.   

    And if I even just click "Browse modpacks" it gives me an eternal loading bar again, and never actually loads the modpacks.


    edit: I just tried uninstalling minecraft, and then deleting the entire .minecraft folder and then I reinstalled.   Curseforge is still not working and freezes constantly.


    Also, I can play regular minecraft 1.17 and 1.16 no problem.  

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