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    Hello new reader!

    LabMC is looking for new lower Staff Members to acquire for our team. We are looking for skilled individuals and if you think you are one of them and interested in such a position, please feel free to respond to this post so we can contact you.


    Some information before you ask any questions:

    • Most of the applicants will join the team as Helper, but if we think you are skilled enough you will be set on a higher position.
    • These lower positions are voluntary.
    • You are required to attend an interview

    LabMC is a factions server in development. We have several features in our server like Gen Buckets, Custom Enchantments, Faction Upgrades, Bosses, Custom Lab Creepers and much more!

    Custom Enchantments
    Custom Creepers

    Join our discord server!
    LabMC Discord

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