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    Hey there, if you use the twitch launcher there is a really easy way to create a custom modpack. Just navigate to mods>minecraft>Create custom profile. You can name the pack and select which version of minecraft you want it to run on. From there it will recommend a forge for you and you just hit create! Click into it and towards the top right theres a “get more content” button that once clicked will open the mod data base and allow you to just type the name of the mod and hit install! Should all work from there


    Merry Christmas

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    Hi guys, I'm the creator of The Brave New World Pack, and I'm looking for people who would like to be apart of my project! Our current dev team of ~8 has many roles, and we want more creators in the community to be a part of that. We are open to any roles you think you could fill in the development team. Here are two applications you could use to express your interest in the project, as well as apply for current roles and talk about what you could add to the pack: 


    Please check out our curseforge page to see what our adventure/exploration modpack is about, and you can join our discord for updates even if you don't want to take a direct role in the development. Also heres some info about the current update that was released a little over a week ago that represents things you could be creating!:


    The Farlander Foundation introduced our custom made content like


    A New Civilization!


    New World Gen!


    New Quest Trees! (with special knowledge gated behind them)


    thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you! :P


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