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    posted a message on (Mo Creatures, OTG, version 1.12.2) Making Mo'Creature mobs spawn in only specific biomes?

    Hello everyone, need some advice. I'm working on a 1.12.2 server, and trying to configure Mo'Creatures to spawn each creature in different, specific biomes, so the world has more earth-like creature diversity. I'm unsure how to accomplish this, because while I thought I could set OTG (I'm also using Biome Bundle) to spawn Mo'creatures mobs in it's biomes, I can't seem to disable the MoCreatures mod from spawning them in the first place, so every bear, elephant and manticore spawn next to each other still. My goal with that was to disable all mobs from spawning via MoCreatures so OTG could take over spawning those mobs. That way I could control that Elephants only spawn in one region of the world, for example.


    Can Mo'creatures even be configured to stop spawning altogether, and can OTG spawn mobs from other mods? If so, how would I do this? I tried configuring all the mocreatures mobs to be set to "Canspawn=false" and "Frequency=0", but they didn't stop spawning.


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