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    posted a message on need staff for this high budget server with Classes and Plugins

    We are in need of staff members such as moderators.


    Don’t make a whole essay, just give us honest information about yourself, that we need.


    • General information
      • We are a team of serious people, that are in the making of a new server
      • We have a large budget
    • General information about the server
      • 5 Different classes (Tank, healer, dps, dps, dps)
      • New phases (new content every month)
    • Requirements for you
      • You need to be very serious and professional about this. Your goal is to maintain/create a better environment for players.
      • Must have experince as a staff member
    • What we are looking for
      • Normal players (Community)
        • Includes sneak peeks, access to beta and more.
      • Staff
        • Developers
        • (staff members, such as moderators in game)
        • Builders
      • Others:
        • Youtubers
        • Live streamers
    • For more information comment on this thread, and add the discord Warsade#5580[/b]

    We are really hoping you will join us on our journey, We look forward to seeing you -LeandAndrew[/b]

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