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    Mintopia RPG Survival


    IP: play.mintopia.ca

    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXbAvNxhiB0


    Mintopia is Survival Minecraft Server with RPG Elements. We are on the latest 1.17 version. We're a server built of Community and are constantly adding new features to keep things fresh


    We also offer a Cash Reward Programm when inviting 10 friends the user will recive $5 via Paypal



    - Roleplay
    - Surival SMP
    - Quests
    - Daily Rewards
    - Custom Jobs such as Police Officer, Mobster and President
    - Anarchy in Nether/End,
    - PVP
    - PVE
    - Events
    - Custom Enchants & Items




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    Hey guys I've been working really hard on a survival SMP server with my friends and the project has been in the making since early 2020 


    IP: play.mintopia.ca


    Here's a trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXbAvNxhiB0


    Mintopia Survival Minecraft Server with RPG and Roleplaying like elements

    What our Server has to offer

    Features: Quests, Jobs, MCMMO, Daily Rewards, Crates, Casino, Bank Robberies, Stock Market, Player Shops, Pre Made Homes to Buy, Custom Jobs such as Police Officer, Mobster, and President, Anarchy in Nether/End, PVP Leagues with Prizes, Events, Custom Enchants, A lot more


    It would mean a lot if some people joined! Ty so much yall <3 

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