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    Boredom SMP

    Boredom SMP is a strictly 17+ server. Anyone found to be under this age will be denied access.

    We started our 3rd season on December 2nd
    View the Season 2 Highlight Photos here: [https://imgur.com/a/MRvah49]

    On the Boredom SMP, we believe that Minecraft has something for all of us. We keep our server true to Minecraft's original magic, and we just happen to have a tight-knit, mature community of adults waiting to play with you.

    What Makes Us Unique:
    - Purely Vanilla Gameplay. Keeping the game the way it's meant to be played, with some HermitCraft-style data packs.
    - Proximity Chat is available to all, but it is optional and doesn't affect vanilla players
    - NoChatReports enabled
    - We can easily recover Grief with CoreProtect
    - Donations are cosmetic, no pay-to-win!
    - Active staff that helps out with anything you need
    - We provide a creative server for all members to use by running "/server creative" in game.
    - Dynmap that updates regularly: [https://map.boredommc.com]
    - Talk to players on the server through Discord (Server <--> Discord cross chatting)

    What you should expect from Boredom SMP:
    - A close-knit group of respectful adults
    - Server-wide events and competitions
    - 100% Uptime & 20 TPS Average
    - Community projects
    - A long-term community with freedom and acceptance for all kinds of players

    Server Details
    - Server IP will be given at time of whitelisting
    - Version: Java Edition [1.19.4] (1.20.1 coming soon.)
    - Host Details: 64G RAM | E-2236G CPU | 1Gbps Network
    - Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Excellent Global Connection

    Discord: https://discord.gg/BoredomSMP

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