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    posted a message on where to find vanilla code - new to modding MCP??



    I am currently teaching myself to mod and have just recently started using java.  I have found some tutorials that are useful but a lot of people comment that modders should just go look at the code.  I think that would be super useful for me.  I just can't find it.  I know there used to be a MCP (Minecraft Codder's Pack) that provided deobfuscated code for folks to look at.  It is still there but only goes up to 1.12 (I am interested in 1.15.2 because I want my mod to work with Terraforge).  I have read that forge for minecraft is built on the old MCP.  So that means somewhere there must be code I can read besides that in the mods right??  I am currently interested in looking at vanilla code for the wolf in minecraft.  I am working on a custom entity.  Any pointers would be most welcome.  I have spent a lot of time getting nowhere with google searches.


    Thanks,  Kate

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