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    posted a message on ZetrexNetwork - Season one - recruiting staff’s (all roles) - under development

    Hello, Player's!

    ZetrexNetwork are now recruiting staff member's for our server!

    The Server:
    Will consist on 100% p2w (PlayToWin) - Non premium rank's will be sold at the store, just cosmetic's that can't give anyone an advantage within the gameplay.

    There are beeing added custom plugin's aswell as premium's! - We are under the development stage, at 50%.
    Quest lines for skyblock will be added, aswell featuring "Mini miner's" & "CropHopper's" that can be purchased in the In-Game Shop.

    PVP Arena's - events - DropParties at (each 50 server vote) - Custom enchant's (This is still an idea if we want to implement)
    & ALOT more to come!
    (TOP 5 Island's payout)

    You can apply or check out our updates by joining our discord : https://discord.gg/fgrpx9S

    2 Faction servers will be released at next season.

    OldSchool Factions & Modern Faction - will be released after season 1 of skyblock.
    (More information soon to come! :3)

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