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    Hey! I think I've found a solution to this problem.


    I'm sure you've done your fair share of scouring the internet for solutions, but like me didn't have any luck finding a proper solution. I decided to go tinkering around in the settings for the app - I'm using the CurseForge launcher now, though I imagine at the time of writing you were using Twitch. Obviously they're transitioning over to CurseForge, so I'll proceed with what I did for this.


    First off, I went into the settings of the app - little cog in the bottom left corner - and went to Addons. There's a little slider for Backup Space, which I bumped all the way up to the maximum it would let me, 10MB.


    Then, I went to download the modpack. It got further than it was normally - typically it was stopping at mod 101 of 181, which was a pretty big one, but this time it got somewhere around 150 before it gave me the error again. That was frustrating.


    I tried downloading it again, but this time while it was downloading, I did not do anything else in the background. No YouTube videos, no Discord chats, nothing that would use up broadband. I just let CurseForge download and install the modpack. This time it worked.

    Tl;dr: Go to settings, addons, set backup space to max. Go to download your modpack and don't do anything else online while it's downloading.

    Hope this helps!


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