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    posted a message on Mod pack got approved, can't find it in the browse section/Curseforge app, nor can I install it.

    So, pretty much exactly what the title is. I can find the mod pack only by using the link, my friends can't find it in the browse section, or by going into my profile. To test if it works correctly, I had to delete my original profile on the app, I couldn't find it on the app. When I did log in through the same account I created it on, and used the link to it directly, I pressed install, and it sent me to the CurseForge app but sent me back and didn't contuine the download. It is acting as if my mod pack never existed or it got rejected, but I have proof it was approved. What happened and how do I fix it?


    P.S. I also tried to use the support link they provided me in the messages that notified me of my approval and previous rejections, but it always said that the website tried to redirect me too many times and set me to an error page before I could talk to a support person. I'd really like to know what's going on and the only way to talk to people is on this forum.

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