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    posted a message on Minecraft says I have a mod installed and it's not working... But it's not installed


    Basically just what it says in my title. I am creating a modpack for my friends and me, and I was adding a bunch of mods and then deleting the ones that didn't work. This was working out totally fine, apparently, I added "new_foods" which is only available for 1.17 (I'm in 1.18.1) and so the modpack refused to run. However, no matter what folder I check, either in my computer or in CurseForge itself, it says that I don't have this mod installed. I can't even find the mod if I search through the whole website. I can't load up the modpack until this mod is gone, but I can't get rid of the mod because, according to all available evidence, it doesn't exist.

    I'm at my wits end, cause I've been battling with this for hours.


    Thank you,


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