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    posted a message on Regrowth - Stuck fully zoomed, textures won't load


    I am experiencing an issue similar to someone else on reddit whose issue was solved earlier this year. I am playing the modpack Regrowth, but I am unsure if it is a modpack issue or a java issue at this point. I've tried reinstalling/updating a few mods as well as installing Java 8u311, but I couldn't solve the issue.


    Hoping someone can give some pointers in the right direction?  

    I used to play this modpack all the time before the migration to Microsoft but now I can't play on the legacy ftb launcher and after getting a new computer I can't access my old files to run it somewhere else. 


    I also attached a screenshot of when I was able to open my inventory after some fiddling around, but I couldn't do much and the textures were all wrong.


    Heres a log from my attempt earlier before updating the mods


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