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    We are a brand new Towny server looking for new staff members to help make our player's experience as enjoyable as possible.
    The server is still being developed and we aim to launch within a week.

    Roles that have vacancies include:
    - Settle server disputes and help new players learn how to use the game's mechanics

    - Ensure that players follow the server's rules and report anyone who isn't

    - Review Moderator reports and decide the best course of action
    - Help to recruit new players onto the server

    - Maintain the Discord and Minecraft server
    - Help recruit new players
    - Create patch notes for the server by speaking with the developers
    - You are the main communication source between the developers and the players

    - You will be creating, modifying and configurating plugins
    - Looking for people with experience in server side maintenance and programming

    Your application will benefit from you being an active part of the community

    Find the application form in our Discord server:

    Thank you to everyone who chooses to apply

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