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    posted a message on [1.16+] Campfire SMP - 18+ Semi-Vanilla Survival - mcMMO - Whitelisted

    IGN/Username: loahf

    Discord (i.e. johnsmith#1234): loahf#0021
    Age: 18

    Location (i.e. US, AU, UK, etc): AS

    What do you generally like to do in Minecraft: Terraform and build trees to match Ajer21's builds, follow Jennithefox around, and tell voidslaver to "keep quiet upside-down man"

    What interests you in a community like this, or a whitelisted server: White listed servers generally do a better job of keeping bad apples out and also keeping the community tightly knitted, it just feels easier to start a conversation than on other larger servers.
    How did you find out about our server, or who referred you (if applicable): Jennithefox

    Do you agree to all of the RULES (found in our Discord server): yes

    Will you post your application link in our Discord: yes

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