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    posted a message on Any way to add a save's overworld as another dimension in a different save game?

    Basically the title. I'd like to take the overworld from a old save and add it as another dimension in my new world. Is that even possible, and if so how would one go about doing that, or where might a guide or video or something to help be located?


    I've tried adding a dimension via datapack, but the ability to define a separate seed for another dimension was apparently removed. I've also looked at other dimension mods like multiverse, but they are all stuck in older versions of MC.


      "type": "minecraft:overworld",
      "generator": {
    	"biome_source": {
    	  "preset": "minecraft:overworld",
    	  "type": "minecraft:multi_noise"
    	"seed": 6487992,
    	"settings": "minecraft:overworld",
    	"type": "minecraft:noise"


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