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    posted a message on #MoonLight {pure vanilla} {no world reset} {no whitelist} {only last version} {24/7}

    IP: play.moonlight01.xyz
    Version: 1.17.1

    Hello there!
    Looking for a server where there are no plugins and unnecessary rules?
    You just found it :)
    It works stable, there are no lags as well as plugins affecting the gameplay.
    The admin doesnt interfere with the gameplay and deals with the technical side of the server.
    Feel free to use any game mechanics of minecraft up to dupes and exploits until it ruins someones experience.
    It doesn't matter who you are.Are you a griefer? Fine. Are you a builder? Even better.
    We are glad to anyone!
    Create clans, start a war or just survive. Its the server where you are welcomed and where you surely will get YOUR unique experience.

    Also, we got some chat commands:
    /w (nick) - pm someone
    /ignore (nick) - doesnt show msgs of a player in the chat
    /groupchat create (name) - its self explanatory
    /groupchat say (msg) - yeah

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